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Credits for The 1999 Tour

A project like the 2nd Annual Harvest Historical Cemetery Tour revolves around the strengths and commitments of the volunteers of the Santa Ana Historical Preservation Society. The concept for it, the planning behind it, and the execution are all due to their efforts -- and we want to once again thank them for that.

Some of the people we mention below are SAHPS board members, some are members of our "Friends of Mrs. Walker" assistance group, some are long-time members and supporters of SAHPS, some are actors who wanted to help with this amazing project, and some are just friends of SAHPS volunteers who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. :-)

By the morning of the event, they all knew that something special was happening. By the end of the event, they all knew that their efforts made it a grand success.

We all thank you for that!

Credit goes to:

Director: Patty Haines
Co-Producers & "jills-of-all trades": Johnna Adams, Jo Ann Ramirez

Writers: Patty Haines, Marilyn Bates, Eleanor Brook
Costumes: Louise Passe, April Haines, Patty Haines
Props: John Sorenson, Chris Liebsack, Jo Ann Ramirez
Reservations: Jim Marquez
Program & brochure: Jim Marquez, Patty Haines, Jo Ann Ramirez
Press release: Alison Young
Docents: Eris Smith, Nan Liebsack
Unrestrained hubris: Tim Rush
Tour guides: Johnna Adams, Tim Rush, Mike Macres, Lisa Zuker, Erin Scaboreti, Tom Scaboreti, Lou Carlson, Rita Corpin
Vintage 1910 automobile: Bob Walter
Restored 1921 Seagrave fire engine: Santa Ana's dedicated fire fighters, particularly those at Fire House Museum Station #5
Carriage: Country Carriages (Julian, CA) & the Porters

Special thanks go to: Fairhaven Memorial Park & Mortuary (Tiffany Bright), Funeraria Latina Familiar de Santa Ana and the Santa Ana Cemetary (Bill Stetler) -- without whom we would not have a tour (not to mention their generous support); Supervisor Charles Smith, First District (for his overwhelming support); those wonderful men of Fire House Museum Station #5 in Santa Ana (especially Lou Fernandez and Tim Graber); Ann Harder of the History Room at the Santa Ana Library; Mike Macres of Macres Florest (Santa Ana); the Cross Creek Cowboys (Joe Hernandez, Hector Gomez, and Lynn Leonard); and, as always, Richard and Sally Vining (SAHPS supporters par excellance!).

The Actors (who all volunteered their time to make our tour the success it was)

Brenda Gibson as Margarent Tedford
Kristine Palmer as Jane Addams
Roy Gibson as Mr. Laidlaw
Martin Williams as the suffragette heckler
Cary Cook as Julius Reinhaus
Harv Popick as Edson Waffle
Nan Liebsack as Dr. Willella Howe-Waffle
April Haines as Miss Linda Paul
Tim Graber and Mauricio Bernard as Bill Young
Barry Cupples and Mark Flores as Issac Fields
Hector David Gomez as Desiderio Burruel
Lynn Leonard as Jennie Tessman
Patty Haines as the vocalist
Joseph "Uncle Joey" Daniel as Sheriff Theo Lacy

The curtain closes and the audience still stands, cheering.


(Until next year!)

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Photography by Guy Ball 1999
Web page 2000 Santa Ana Historical Preservation Society