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Click here to see photos from the tour.

Click here for info about the Civil War Legacy book and tour video.


On October 26th, the Santa Ana Historical Preservation Society presented its 5th Annual Historical Cemetery Tour of Fairhaven Memorial Park and Santa Ana Cemetery. This family-style historical walking tour featured costumed actors portraying men and women who played a role in the birth of Orange County right after the Civil War.


The Civil War Legacy in Orange County

The Civil War was the largest war in American history. Three million men fought in the war, and of these, 600,000 died. It was the only war fought on American soil by Americans… Americans against Americans.


While many realize that this war has shaped the face of American history, they may not realize that it also had a profound effect on the development and history of the place we call our home…Orange County.


Civil War veterans began to arrive in Orange County in the late 1860s. Some came as single men who later married here; others brought their wives and families with them. These men and women who had lived through those hard years during the war were made of the same stuff as the pioneers were, and like the pioneers, considered immigration to the West to be an opportunity to improve their lives and their futures.


We spent a day meeting some of the Civil War veterans who made Orange County what it is today. Both Union and Confederate soldiers made their post-war home here; men (and some women) who had fought on opposite sides during the war now worked side by side in harmony to do what was best for their families, their future, and their homes. We met the families of those veterans and others who came West for a better life.


This event was produced in partnership with the Orange County High School of the Arts and sponsored through the generosity of Fairhaven Memorial Park who lent us their facilities for the day.


Our major contributors:

Fairhaven Memorial Park
Santa Ana Cemetery
Orange County Supervisor Chuck V. Smith, 1st District
Orange County High School of the Arts
First American Title
Boardwalk Cafe


Advertising Supporters included:

Caribou Industries
J. R. Gibson Company
Santa Ana Realty
Seven Gables Realty
Teresa’s Jewelers
The Hacienda
Tim’s Town
Waste Management of Orange County
World of Moulding


OCHSA Liaison: Jeff Paul

Sam Barrad, Taylor Brechtel
Clarissa Bruno, Missy Disner
Whitney Ellis, Matt Groover
Tristyn Heldt, Kory Knight
Heather McDowell, Lauren McMeikan
Michael Ray-Von, David Riley
Corey Tobiska, Kimberly Wong

Tour Guides:
Teanna Berry, Krysten Burzynski
Courtney Cheney, Jenna Daley
Jeremy Heckman, Tom Hennes
Nicole Iturriaga, Julia Loofbourrow
Allison Metchicoff, Kristen Smith
Alexis Wolf

Rebecca Angel, Kelsey Bryan
Brittany Carr, Laura Cordova
Elizabeth Erratt, Andy Gerenraich
Lauren Gerenraich, Jennie Geoffroy
Jamie Hartman, Rustom Khavarian
Dennis Lakomski, Michelle Merlino
Mary Miskelly, Shaina Silverman
Katie Spencer, Hailey Villaire
Alexa Wildish

SAHPS Orange County Civil War Legacy Committee included:

Chairpersons - James Marquez
Jo Ann Ramirez
Publicity - Guy Ball, Jo Ann Ramirez
Program - Roberta Reed, Guy Ball
Advertising - Tim Rush
Research - Jo Ann Ramirez, Alison Young, Gordon
Bricken, and Wendy Tobiska
Video Team Liaison - Guy Ball

Special Thanks to:

Gordon Bricken, Civil War historian and author
Jeff Paul, Orange County High School of the Arts
Sam Randall, General Manager, Orange County Cemetery District
Wendy Tobiska, Parent Volunteer, Orange County High School of the Arts
Carolyn Erratt, another Parent Volunteer from OCHSA who worked so hard on the costuming of our actors
T. K. Kishue, creator of the cover art for this program
Clare Ford and Martin Young for loaning costumes
Rt. Rev. Louis V. Carlson, Jr. for all of his support and help
Sam Randall, General Manager, OC Cemetery District
Julio Amarillas, Santa Ana Cemetery
Ginelle Hardy
Ed Cote
Marilyn & Larry Zike
Nathan Reed and Roberta Runnells Reed
Dick Pierce


Click here to see photos from the tour.


Click here to see information and photos about the 2001 cemetery tour.


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