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Photo by and © 2003 Darcy Hogan.

Click here to see more photos from the tour

SANTA ANA, CA.—The Santa Ana Historical Preservation Society presented its 6th Annual Historical Cemetery Tour of Fairhaven Memorial Park and Santa Ana Cemetery, on Saturday, October 25, 2003. This year the guided historical walking tour featured costumed actors portraying colorful men and women with connections to stage and screen, from Hollywood to Woodstock.

Santa Ana’s little-known ties to the entertainment industry reach back to the 1800’s, when then-superstar Madame Helena Modjeska opened at French’s Opera House on Fourth Street. But it didn’t end there! Tour guides led visitors through fascinating stories of the Orange County “Hollywood connection:” Charlie Chaplin’s marriage on the roof of a local hotel; movie stars who drove to the “wilds” of Orange County to frequent the popular Danigers Tea Room during the ‘20s and ‘30s; actors—from silent-screen’s Cisco Kid, to those who shared the silver-screen with stars like Hepburn and Cooper. We featured  guitar inventor Leo Fender and his pal, Rickenbacker Guitar owner Francis Hall, who together changed the sound of today’s popular music. Visitors watched a scene from a contemporary play inspired by post-Civil War Oneida Colony émigrés to Santa Ana—experiencing the creative process that Orange County continues to prompt today.

This event was produced in partnership with STAGEStheatre’s WRITERSbloc and Musical Youth Artist Repertory Theatre (MYART,) and is sponsored through the generosity of Fairhaven Memorial Park. Proceeds benefit the preservation and educational activities of the Santa Ana Historical Preservation Society, including the maintenance of the Victorian-style, Dr. Howe-Waffle House and Medical Museum.

A video of this event will be available in early 2004. Contact us for additional information.

Johnna Adams, Geoffrey Gread, Amy Weisman

Musical Director
Amy Weisman

Tour Guide Script Written By
Chantel Donnan

Scene Scripts Coordinated By
Johnna Adams

Scene Scripts Written By
Johnna Adams, Mitch Faris, Eric Eberwein,  Rico Freedman, Sara Guerrero, Tina Wiles Mittler, Roberta Reed, Molly Dewane, Darcy Hogan, Jordan Young, Carrie Darrow.
Vaudeville Program By: Amy Weisman

Our Actors
Mitch Faris, Jami McCoy, Dave Redmond, Aurelio Locsin, Cecily Gish, Alex Dorman, Sara Guerrero, Ben Thompson, Russ Marchand, Kelly Albano, Jason Lythgoe, Aaron Edmiston, John Erratt, Sara Bayless, Tina Wiles Mittler, Anna Orlow, John Bryant, Chris Rodenhizer, Paul Burt, Dan Wozniak,  Jamie Sowers, Amy Weisman, Candace Clasby, Dan Wozniak, Matthew Chisam

Featured Singers
Elizabeth Erratt, Aly Lespier

Tour Guides
Caressa Alan, Chantel Donnan, Elizabeth Erratt, Julia Erratt, Arroya Karian, Aly Lespier, George Monachello, Sarah Morris, Betsy Weisman

Our That’s Entertainment OC Style Committee
Chairman: Roberta Reed
Publicity: Guy Ball
Program: Roberta Reed, Guy Ball
Publicity Flier: Ginelle Hardy
Advertising/Donations: Alan Anderson, Tim Rush
Research: Carrie Darrow, Molly Dewane, Mitch Faris, Sara Guerrero, Darcy Hogan, Jo Ann Ramirez, Roberta Reed, Alison Young, Jordan Young
Costumes: Molly DeWane, Carolyn Erratt, Alison Young
Tour Guides: Carolyn Erratt, Betsy Weisman
Movie Posters: Alison Young
Video Team Liaison: Guy Ball
Event “Crew”: James Marquez, Dick Pierce, Nathan Reed, Lynn Yerby

Special Thanks
Joe Adamson
Bellflower Music (Music Display)
Lou Carlson, Fairhaven Memorial Park and Cemetery
Ed Coté (Classic Cars)
Greg Kelly, Kelly’s Hobby Shop
Marla Noel, Fairhaven Memorial Park and Cemetery
Joanne Perez
Sam Randall, General Manager, Orange County Cemetery District
Nathan Reed (Classic Car)
Councilman Jose Solario, Costume Assistance
Kevin Stephenson (Fender Guitar)
Ryan Taylor, Classic Manner, for the use of his 1930 Cadillac limousine

Our Contributors
Fairhaven Memorial Park
Santa Ana Cemetery
First American Title
Classic Manner Limousines
The Hacienda Restaurant
Papa John’s Pizza
Polly’s Pies
Stater Brothers Grocers

Caribou Industries
Councilman Brett Franklin
Councilman Mike Garcia
J. R. Gibson Company
Green Parrot Restaurant
Historic French Park Neighborhood
Seven Gables Realty – Sandy DeAngelis
Seven Gables Realty – Phil Schaefer
The Lutz Company
Teresa’s Jewelers
Tim Rush
Waste Management of Orange County
World of Moulding

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© 2003 Santa Ana Historical Preservation Society