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Santa Ana History
Santa Ana History
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Santa Ana History

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In conjunction with Arcadia Publishing, authors with the Santa Ana Historical Preservation Society have created three excellent history books filled with vintage photos and informative captions:
  • Santa Ana: 1940-2007 by Roberta Reed
  • Early Santa Ana by Guy Ball and Marge Bittetti
  • Santa Ana in Vintage Postcards by Guy Ball

All three books are available through the Society by clicking on our Store link at the top of this page, as well at most Barnes & Noble book stores,, and Woodward's Ace Hardware on Tustin Ave., in Santa Ana.


We've posted some of the photos on this site but currently they're not well organized.  We hope to improve that this year as we update the site.


Click here to see some of the vintage photographs that make up the book, Early Santa Ana by Guy Ball and Marge Bittetti. 


Postcards by Subject
Card 1 (Spurgeon School)
Card 2 ("New" Santa Ana Hotel)
Card 3 (Aloha Motel)
Card 4 (Newer card of Santa Ana Hotel)
Card 5 (New SA Public Library)
Card 6 (Twist Residence, North Broadway)
Card 7 (Residences on North Broadway)
Card 8 (Lincoln Grammar School)
Card 9 (Tubbs Residence)
Card 10 (South Birch Homes)
Card 11 (North Main Homes)
Card 12 (1st Congregational Church)
Card 13 (Smith Home)
Card 14 (Residences on South Broadway)
Card 15 (Old City Hall)
Card 16 (Tenth Street)
Card 18 (First Baptist Church)
Card 19 (YMCA)
Card 20 (Ebell Club)
Card 21 (Franklin School)
Card 22 (O.C. Hospital)
Card 23 (North Main St.)
Card 24 (North Main St.)
Card 25 (North Main St.)
Santa Ana History
Card 26 (Spurgeon St.)
Card 27 (No. Broadway)
Card 28 (1st St. from Spurgeon, with big tree)
Card 29 (No. Main residence district, Red Car)
Card 30 (Spurgeon St.)
Card 31 (No. Broadway residence, hidden by tree)
Card 32 (Bungalow and grounds)
Card 33 (Magnolia & Palm Walk, Broadway)
Card 34 (Novelty card - Dutch girl)
Card 36 (Building, old cars)
Card 37 (City Hall)
Card 38 (City Hall)
Card 39 (City Hall)
Card 40 (Main Library - Carnegie)
Card 41 (Main Library - Carnegie)
Card 42 (Main Library - Carnegie)
Card 43 (First Presbyterian)
Card 44 (Presbyterian Church)
Card 45 (Sugar Factory, So. Main St.)
Card 46 (Interior of Farmers & Merchants National)
Card 47 (First Presbyterian Church)
Card 48 (St. Annes Church - modern
Card 49 (OC Courthouse)
Card 50 (Holly Sugar Factory)
Click here to see these postcards (and a few more) in thumbnail views


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